Be on the lookout for these little guys <3 Between April and June every year juvenile loggerhead turtles wash up onto beaches in and around the Western Cape. This year, due to rough seas and strong winds, stranding's have started earlier than expected. Sea turtles are temperate water animals and when they are washed up on beaches they are often suffering from hypothermia, dehydration and possibly infection. If you find a turtle please take the following measures and call the number of the relevant areas below. All turtles handed in will rehabilitated and released into their natural environment. - Remove the turtle from the beach - Keep it dry & at room temperature – DO NOT place in water - Place the turtle in a container that has ample air holes - Make a note of exactly where the turtle was found - Call the relevant number below Finds from Gansbaai up towards Agulhas call 082 907 5607 Finds from Gansbaai down to Gordons Bay call 082 735 8910 Finds from Gondons Bay to Cape Town call 021 - 418 3823