I refer to Gerhard Coetzee’s letter under the heading “Misconceptions about Evolution” (The Village NEWS, 20 September 2016). In his third paragraph he refers to the possibility of either micro or macro evolution, and comes up with the astonishing answer: “Why not?” That really surprised me! (Micro evolution is not evolution, but variations within a species).

I have been making a study of the interface between Biblical revealed Truth, and speculative evolution for 66 years, having written four books on the subject, mostly in Afrikaans. Mr Coetzee kindly gives God the nod with regard to all the beauty around us, and there I agree 100% with his observation, but when he suggests that God “used” evolution or the Big Bang, we will have to part company!.

Firstly, God could not have “used” the Big Bang, simply because it never happened. Even the creator of the term “Big Bang”, Sir Frederick Hoyle, declares that the likelihood of the Big Bang having taken place, is just as possible as a whirlwind passing through a junkyard resulting in a Boeing 747 coming out at the other end.

Nobel laureate, Hannes Alfven, in the seventies pointed out that there are 92 prerequisites for the Big Bang ever to have taken place, but only one was present. As another scientist put it: “The Big Bang and evolution are a fairy tale for grownups.”

I have never witnessed an explosion that has led to order – particularly the stunning order we find in the universe. It is simply not possible. Modern-day physicists like the worldrenowned Paul Davis informs us that the entire universe is balancing on a knife edge. Alter just one of the factors even by a millimetre, and the universe would implode. The non-Biblical science journalist, Richard Milton, in his outstanding book, The Facts of Life: Shattering the Myth of Darwinism, says the oldest the universe and earth can be is between 190 000 years at most, and 9 000 as more likely.

Even professor John Eddy, after studying the sun for the whole of his professional life, came to the following astonishing conclusion: “ I suspect the universe to be 4 500 million years old; however, given some new and unexpected result to the contrary, and some time for frantic re-adjustment, I suspect I could live with Bishop Ussher’s value of the age of the earth and sun. I don’t think we have any observational evidence in conflict with that!” Ussher’s creation date, based on Genesis’s historical figures and events, is 4 004 BC.

Ridiculous, mad, unscientific? As Einstein said: “If it cannot be measured, it is not science, but speculation.” Evolution from start to finish is pure speculation. The scientific evidence against it is growing by the day. It is, after all, a belief system. I could quote hundreds of leading scientists in support of that statement, but evolutionists have the microphone – to the detriment of truth.

by Pieter Pelser