Save the Hermanus Emergency Snakebite Numbers on your phone. As summer and extreme heat conditions approach, snakes sometimes seek refuge in urban areas and can pose a threat to humans and animals. Your pets are more likely to get bitten than you actually suffering a snakebite at home. While the chances of you encountering a snake in Hermanus are slim, it is always a good idea to keep the below numbers on hand just in case of an emergency.

If you are an avid hiker or visitor planning to explore the beautiful fynbos trails in Hermanus then this useful article by is a must read. The chances of you running into one of these are slim but “chance favours the prepared mind” so familiarise yourself with the five ‘ophidi’ that could pose a danger to you by clicking here.  CapeNature has written a super article on snake protection this summer so read it here.

Snake Venom

A snake being milked for its venom. Photo credit Fernkloof Nursery.


Snakes you might come across in our region

Cape Cobra

Corne Uys handling a Cape Cobra

Puff adder:  Short fat body, roughly scaled body. Chevron-like markings. Venomous.
Common slug-eater: A Brown line down the back. Coils up when threatened. Non-Venomous.
Boomslang: Large eyes, a small head, inflates Boomslangwhen threatened. Many colour variations. Venomous.
Cape cobra: Wide colour variation from golden yellow to almost black. A particularly defensive posture when provoked, fast. Venomous.
Mole snake: Uniform brown, grey or black colour. Can be very aggressive and inflict a painful bite. Non-venomous
Brown house snake: Uniform brown colour with two light coloured stripes extending down the length of the head. Non-venomous.
Rhombic egg-eater: Diamond shape markings, V-shaped on the neck. Black tongue and mouth. Non-venomous
Red-lipped or herald snake: Olive green, grey body, multiple white speckles. Distinctive black head and red upper lip. Slightly Venomous

For snake removals in Hermanus & Overstrand areas

Andre Neethling – 082 425 0456
Corné Uys –  076 075 8004
Jonathan Powers – 082 352 6000
Cape Nature: 028- 314 0062

Pet snake bite emergency numbers

Bergview Veterinary Hospital – 028 3121390
Hermanus Animal Hospital 24 hr service – 028 3123065
Onrus Veterinary Clinic – 028 3163415

Human snakebite emergency numbers

EMR Private Ambulance – 076 585 0899
Hermanus Mediclinic – 028 313 0168