We are indeed privileged to call the Cape Whale Coast home. Not only are we surrounded by immense natural beauty, but our people make this area a true gem. This is evident in the hard work community members put in to make life easier for their fellow residents and the trouble we take to welcome visitors to our area.

As an example, the effort it took to host a successful Whale Festival needs to be lauded. The organisers of all the various events did a sterling job. Speaking to both residents and visitors it is clear that the festival, now in its 25th year, has become a favourite amongst visitors. Yes, there are many objections to a festival of this magnitude in town.

It puts a lot of strain on our services and traffic is a nightmare, but the economic value of the festival cannot be ignored. But, there is a saying: If you moan it, you own it. It would therefore be to the benefit of our town to work together and make the next 25 years of the Whale Festival even greater. The more all of us work together, the better we will do.

Another example is the inaugural Village Ball where our senior residents were treated to a night of dinner and dance. Everyone who was part of the organising as well as those who supported the event must be congratulated. The smiles on the faces of those who have served our community well was worth all the long hours that went into the planning and preparation.

The upcoming Global Challenge is another event to be excited about. What an honour to have a golf tournament like this on our shores. The possibilities for promoting the region are limitless. Do yourself a favour and search online for videos of the Solheim Cup. It is our opinion that the Global Challenge can within a few years reach the same level.

What a joy it would be to welcome thousands of golfing enthusiasts to the Whale Coast. We should all be proud of what our region has become. In what are otherwise troubling times, it is with relief that we can say the Whale Coast has a bright future. That is the Good News. – ED