We have a new ‘chocolatier’ in Town and the story behind the founding of the business and name goes something like this…

“This beautiful, rich, bespoke Belgian chocolate is a tribute to my mother, Cuckoo de Wet. Cuckoo was a remarkable woman, passionate, gregarious, talented, energetic, uplifting, comforting, interesting and beautiful.

CUCKOO chocolate emotions is a collection of flavours that conjure up the sweet memories that we have of her, the joy that she brought to us and those around her, and which were always
underpinned by her elegance and sophistication. Great chocolate can really stir up emotions! Love intensifies, sadness dissipates, happiness is enhanced and anger simmers. Taste your feelings with CUCKOO Chocolate Emotions

I love the “Orangettes” (orange rinds dipped in dark chocolate) and “Coffee Bean Lollipop” (coffee flavoured chocolate cup topped with real coffee beans on a stick). Comes in 40 & 80 gr Slabs, Dips, Lollipops and Callets. Available at The Beanery Hermanus, Tulip Coffee Roasting, Just Pure or directly from the chocolatier. Trade queries welcome.

Tel: 082 330 1819
Contact: stephanie@ferent.co.za