Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the top destination in the world. The fact that the Mother City was recently voted by Lonely Planet as one of the Best in Travel for 2017 comes as no surprise to many South Africans. Her breathtaking beauty and irresistible charm are augmented by the efforts of visionary entrepreneurs, innovators who have carved a niche out for themselves and in so doing have transformed Cape Town into one of the pre-eminent travel destinations in the world.

The Mother City has so much to offer the intrepid traveler. From hip markets filled with original designs to inventive restaurants, quaint eateries, elegant wine bars and offbeat art galleries, it is not hard to imagine the many creatives who are hard at work behind the scenes, sculpting her into the modern, forward-thinking, African metropolis that she is today. While locals have their favourite spots and haunts, it is not always that easy for travelers to find the city’s hidden gems and with limited time where do you go?

A Vloggers Paradise

One hip duo who are helping to solve this conundrum are Dean Paarman & Darren Barker. They realised that there was a shortage of decent search results for tourists wanting to view videos on travel in Cape Town.  The vloggers formed a video production brand to present their audio-visual contributions on a new platform to address the shortage and so Seizethecity was born. is a free channel that allows people to browse a comprehensive video library of attractions, places, and activities that can help them make decisions on where to go and what to do in Cape Town and surrounding areas. 

Discovering Hermanus

Dean and Darren recently came to visit us in Hermanus as we wanted to show them some of the hidden gems in our part of the world. We pulled out all the stops for our guests, right down to the red carpet and chauffeur driven limousine to take them on a whirlwind two-day tour around Hermanus. One of the exciting activities we did was quad biking in the Hemel en Aarde Valley with SA Forest Adventures which included a wine tasting at the world-renowned Hamilton Russel Wine Estate, famous for some of the finest Pinot Noirs in South Africa, if not the world.

Seizethecity is disrupting conventional video production by offering businesses an affordable service to produce short videos about their offerings. Dean & Darren additionally host workshops for would-be producers and invite them to join their growing community of creatives. Seizethecity vloggers produce informative, good quality, short clips on things-to-do in Cape Town that are posted to the platform on a daily basis. Because the funky duo believes that video is the future of travel marketing, they have created an affordable model for tourism role players that allows tourist a sneak preview of exciting things to do and  exposes the city’s exceptional beauty and hidden gems.

So if you are looking for things to do in Cape Town, go on and Seizethecity. They not only have vlogs on the website but you can also browse a list of events happening in Cape town today. You can follow Dean and Darren on Facebook and YouTube.

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