If you own a small to medium business that sells products and you’re not selling online yet then as a business owner you know there’s going to be a substantial time or financial investment to find the best online shop solution for a South African business and indeed any business in any country.

As a web developer (and an e-commerce business owner) specializing in WordPress and Shopify I have spent countless hours investigating various solutions for various applications for my clients and for myself with the ultimate aim of finding the best online shop solution for a South African business (to be clear I am based in South Africa but Shopify is a versatile platform that is used internationally and in many different languages with many different currencies and payment solutions).

While there are many shopping platforms out there, I can confidently say that the more time I spend with Shopify the more I can see it is definitely amongst the simplest, most versatile and cost effective turnkey solutions available for a small to medium sized business.

The reasons for my above assessment are listed below:

  • Rapid setup of a new store using pre-built free or paid themes (saves significant cost on set up time compared to WordPress & other platforms if using a developer – faster set up time means start selling sooner and savings on cost – we all know time = money!)
  • Super fast servers and excellent image compression which means your store loads lightning fast on all pages (there’s data freely available that proves just an extra 2 or 3 seconds of load time can compromise an online sale)
  • Shopify websites are completely responsive. That means they are easily viewed and used on mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets (a massive emerging segment of the online shopping market)
  • A simple, easy to use and understand, fully integrated adminstration area that has product order management & history, analytics & a large range of Apps that can be added to increase the functionality of your site rapidly and at reasonable cost.
  • An extremely user friendly product administration area that allows you to add new products with a range of options that will allow you to handle your sales as you need to.
  • All kinds of Apps related to automating every aspect of the shopping experience that can be automated.
  • Built on industry leading security –  256-bit SSL certificates, Level-1 PCI compliance, and 99.9% uptime with 24/7 monitoring to ensure that your customers have a safe online experience.
  • 24/7 technical support in case you have questions or need assistance.
  • Extensive online resources to guide you with both the platforms functions and with all aspects of your online business.
  • Regular emails from Shopify guiding you on relevant topics such as online marketing ideas and tools.
  • It’s already used by over 500,000 businesses so it’s guaranteed to get better and better as time goes by.

You may say; “but WordPress and some other platforms can do all of this too!” that may be true but as a professional looking, SIMPLE all-in-one integrated selling platform that effortlessly takes care of almost every online shopping element you can imagine Shopify is hard to beat.

So in conclusion, if you own a small to medium sized business and want to self-manage your online sales in the simplest way possible with all the bells and whistles of a commercial shopping platform AND get great value for what you pay then this is among the best online shop solutions available.

Need help in setting your store up or some advice? I can set up the basics to have you up and running at a very reasonable rate. Contact me at 028 314 0356 / 071 670 2030 or email to richard@ilovehermanus.com


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