Whale Mystery 🙂

Lurina Eykelenboom-Fourie photographed this scene from Gearings Point on the 08th of December last year and was wondering if anybody remembers this incident?

She writes ” To me it seemed as if the boat was pulling a whale across the ocean. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but the more I looked at what was happening, the more real it seemed. The distance between the boat and the whale remained the same and also the direction the boat and whale were moving as it passed from right to left, just like a truck and trailer. It was photographed from quite a distance and this is the clearest I could get it, but of you look closely, you’ll notice a line passing the left engine, from the boat to the water. Can anyone maybe shed some light on the scene? My guess is that the whale died and it’s being moved to another area, but I have no idea and would appreciate your insights”

I don’t recall an incident like this but if you do please let us know.

NSRI Station 17 Hermanus